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You might have to change locations sometimes in order to meet the girls. its a great game, i was a bit disappointed to find out you couldn't get all of them at the end, but Sayreens' story was nice, saya was a bit out of the blue (lol), and the other two felt like a whole different game themselves.

Hints: Listen carefully what the girls have to say. Most time leveling Saya and Sayreen is more like questing than leveling. ) "happy scenes" with Sayreen and no unhappy with Saya. Stay away from the hunter chick and the beach bimbo, they're too much like the girls here on Earth, who needs'em.

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Nov 19, 2007 • The three travellers had never met each other before being captured by monsters, but they now have one thing in common: their struggle to escape from hostile lands together.

And you thought the feminists over HERE were narcissists, right?!

I say, go after Sayreen, the vulnerable angsty purple-haired one, or Saya, the absent-minded blue-haired shopkeeper who went fishing without a fishing line instead, their routes are harder, but more worth it, they're prettier, smarter, they have attributes that are actually interesting, and they're not nasty. She can't hold her liquor, she'll die of alcohol poisoning if you don't look out for her! And those "reward" images, not appealing one bit, why would you think anyone would think otherwise. By far they look way better with their clothes ON, you did ok with THAT art.

A goofy overblown love story about killing orcs and letting the fire in your heart keep you strong. Rei is a lusty manager at a small advertising firm in Tokyo.

She is deeply devoted to her job but still finds time to have some fun.


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