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Steve Williams' partner Kirsty farewells Tiger Woods from New Zealand in 2002.

In her husband's new book, she describes the hate mail they received after Woods' cheating became public.

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It had been easy for northerners to ignore an abstract and remote problem, but you cannot so easily dismiss the story of an oppressed person standing in front of you.

In his tell-all book Out of the Rough, written with Auckland journalist Michael Donaldson, Williams says both Woods and his manager Mark Steinberg cut off all communication with him for four months after news of Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel broke.

Williams claims he and his family were harassed by media and members of the public by association because Steinberg refused to put out a statement clearing him of any involvement in the scandal.

As she explains in the last chapters of , after finally arriving to a safe new life in South Korea, Yeonmi became a voracious reader and star pupil within an English languages class taught by the one-of-a-kind Casey Lartigue.

I say that Casey is one of a kind because I simply know of no other Harvard-educated black Texan libertarian who has dedicated himself to the plight of North Korean defectors.


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