Dating someone on your floor in college

Everybody wants to go out on elaborate and exciting dates in college.College is a time for trying new things and for expanding your comfort zone.Mostly because a hot air balloon ride, while being unbelievably romantic and exciting and is sure to book you that second date, costs about 0 per person. Read on for some unique (and cheap) date ideas for college students. Make a themed dinner Going out to dinner is obviously much more expensive than cooking at home.

Pick a romantic place, such as Italy, and together cook an Italian dinner complete with an Italian set table (candles and Italian hors d'oeuvres).

But the truth is, there are always opportunities to meet new people.

The days that I didn’t talk to someone new weren’t because I didn’t have the opportunity to, they were simply because I didn’t make the effort.

The next time you have class, sit next to your crush and strike up a conversation.

If you are shy, forget the conversation and just grab the seat…you can work up to the conversation after you feel more confident.


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