How to tell if i am dating a narcissist

This person is everything you ever wanted: charming, passionate and exciting. Hate to break it to you, but you might be dating a narcissist. Most narcissists are extremely romantic and charming. Maybe it's that he or she literally will not stop talking about how amazing he or she is.Once you are under their spell, it is so hard to escape. If you went out with your friends, they aren't freaking out because of jealousy or insecurity.Getting serious with a narcissist is next to impossible. No, it's because they love you so much and want to see you.He broke the heart of a mountain nymph named Echo and so the goddess of revenge, Nemesis, lured Narcissus to a pool of water where he saw his own face looking back and became forever depressed that he couldn't have what he wanted.Today, this kind of self-centredness is called narcissistic personality disorder, named after the ill-fated Narcissus, and describes an undesirable character who is unfortunately rampant in today's many people's relationships.Narcissistic Personality Disorder involves “arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people and a need for admiration, all of which must be consistently evident at work and in relationships.”Narcissists come across as extremely cocky and don't understand how everyone isn't obsessed with them. Look out for these signs: Narcissists are constantly talking about themselves. They are like the sleazy car dealers who somehow get you to pay full price for that used Toyota.

Society rewards confidence; it's how you get to the top. The narcissist is being fuelled by your compliments. Narcissists need to put you down to build themselves up. They won't like it if you're in a job that doesn't measure up to their standards, but they'll be even more upset if you're a success...But chances are, once you bit in you were quickly disappointed. That is what a relationship with a narcissist is like. Their presence is magnetic and he or she seems larger than life.They are intelligent, charming, and popular, and when they’re the center of attention, some of the spotlight shines on you, too, leaving you glowing with pride, importance, and accomplishment.Here’s a few signs to look for in your partner, which may signal that the person you are dating has narcissistic tendencies, and the negative effects those behaviors can have on you:1.He poses as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” A narcissist may initially intrigue you with his or her apparent confidence, swagger, or audacity, regaling you with stories about accomplishments, rubbing elbows with influential people, or their innumerable talents and gifts.He or she constantly makes false promises like, “I'm just really busy right now,” or the real winner, “I'm just so afraid you'll hurt me.”If you feel like your love interest is never ready to lock it down, it's time to go. Ever had one of those fights where you end up apologizing for something that didn't even happen? Bring your partner to a restaurant and watch how he or she treats the staff.


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