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Right click on Message Delivery and select Properties. Change the option in the middle from No Action to Archive (you should run with archive initially to ensure that it isn't catching legitimate email). You could leave the setting to "No Action" and have the system simply record numbers.If you simply enable the option on the SMTP Virtual Server (see step 2) then you can monitor what the messages are being scored as. Gateway Blocking Configuration - this is where the messages will be blocked at the server, and the users will not even see them.Scott Schnoll has an update regarding the recent post Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) v1 download removed from, and the issue of not being able to remove IMF v1 from Add/Remove Programs without reinstalling it.Here's the process to manually remove IMF v1 as documented in Microsoft Exchange Server Intelligent Message Filter v2 Operations Guide [available here].Note: If you are using Small Business Server with the POP3 connector, then you cannot use IMF. To use IMF you will need to get your email delivered directly by SMTP.There are two steps to enable the Intelligent Message Filter.I created a filter and told it to match "from....(email address)" I added all the pertinent emails that I want to filter.I told it to "move message to...(specific folder)".

(You can deploy IMF on Exchange 2003 gateway servers to protect Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 5.5 mailbox servers, but this type of implementation delivers only half the potential benefit of IMF.) Microsoft originally planned to make IMF available only to customers who had licensed Exchange 2003 under Software Assurance (SA), but later reconsidered that decision and, at Microsoft Tech Ed 2004, released IMF to all Exchange 2003 customers.

Spam, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), is an increasing annoyance for email administrators and users alike.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 features increased antispam protection, offering a full array of filters that you can deploy to combat the bad guys.

For example, spammers switch domains to avoid RBLs and constantly play with the text of their messages or use foreign languages to avoid recognition by antispam tools.

To help you better protect your Exchange systems, Microsoft Research has developed Smart Screen Technology, a patented machine-based learning technology that can recognize the distinguishing characteristics of both legitimate email and spam, based on a huge collection of messages that Microsoft gathered from inside the company and from customers.


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