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Unlike those personalities, some celebrities wrap their personal life and keep it out of reach from the limelight.Kelly Monaco falls under the category of the stars who has maintained massive privacy on her love life.She was 16 at the time, and I felt a great deal of responsibility to her parents to make sure their kid was being pushed to be the best version of herself at all times. I love her dearly, and I am so very proud of her.4. She transitioned from a child star into an amazing woman who isn't just a pretty face.5.Rumer Willis showed me how to be a little softer and a little gentler.Forty-year-old beauty, Monaco was linked with her co-star Billy Miller in 2015, but she has denied the fact stating that they are good friends.The speculation went viral when they were spotted together spending a great time in Malibu beach. Though there were many of her friends but she seemed cozy with Billy than anyone else.

While the “General Hospital” actress donned a bikini, Chmerkovskiy actually wore nothing but a speedo. Chmerkovskiy even tweeted after was broadcast, “Well that happened.

Zendaya was someone who taught me a lot just by being one of the most incredible students I've ever had.

Her talent and work ethic really inspired me to be the best teacher and choreographer I can be. She taught me that just because you can be successful in Hollywood, it doesn't mean you necessarily have to choose to pursue Hollywood.

Kelly Monaco was my partner in my first big breakthrough on the show.

We went all the way to the finals, and the thing she taught me that I will never forget is to "always know your audience." I was fairly new to Hollywood when we worked together, and that really helped me out a great deal when it came to presenting myself on camera and in public.2.


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