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An important property of orgone is its strong affinity for water; water can absorb or generate orgone.

Another paramount characteristic is orgone's tendency to flow from low concentrations to high concentrations.

His singles spanned from 20 to 64 years old, a magical world where grandparents have to sneak booze to their 20-year-old partners. The map also didn't adjust for population - ten thousand extra single women means a lot more in Des Moines than in NYC.

If you'd like to hear more statistical griping, the old write-up.

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Government position on “Orgone Energy” is that it doesn’t exist. A cloudbuster (or cloud buster) is a device designed by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, which Reich said could produce rain by manipulating what he called “orgone energy” present in the atmosphere.[1] The cloudbuster was intended to be used in a way similar to a lightning rod: focusing it on a location in the sky and grounding it in some material that was presumed to absorb orgone – such as a body of water – would draw the orgone energy out of the atmosphere, causing the formation of clouds and rain.In addition to describing what happened, I will give an overview of orgonomy and procedures for building and operating a cloudbuster.At the end of this report, I will introduce some speculation on the nature of orgone energy and how it relates to topics the Cassiopaeans have discussed. It is a type of sexual life-force energy that can be gathered, beamed, absorbed, generated, or redirected by conscious beings or orgone-based devices.Ultimately, it is an archetypal creative energy, meaning that although it has many manifestations from the psychological to physical, the underlying essence of 'negentropy' remains the same between them.Psychologically, free flowing orgone is said to be conducive to a free-spirited personality, healthy sexuality, vitality, creativity, and dynamism.If you are looking for single women in their twenties, they're hiding out in Durham NC, Savannah GA, or Jackson MS.


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