Nicholas hoult dating april pearson

Still, there are significant variations in what each cast member of that first generation went on to do.Here’s what each of them are up to now: Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) The leader of the group was Tony, played by Nicholas Hoult, who you will probably recognise from one of many credits he’s had since the show including Warm Bodies, Mad Max: Fury Road, and the X-Men reboot movies. Michelle Richardson (April Pearson) Michelle Richardson, who played Tony’s girlfriend, Michelle, has also stuck to acting.He pleaded guilty to encouraging dangerous driving on the A6201 Hemsworth bypass in West Yorkshire on 27 September 2015.

He stars in a new web series called Hers and History in which a couple decides to open up about their sexual history.

She’s currently performing in Threesome at The Union Theatre in London.

Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey) Ah who can forget poor aul Sid, the shy, awkward fella who was inexplicably besties with Tony and sweetly in love with Cassie?

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