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Each domain has anywhere between 8-20 servers and 3-5 workstations.I have a machine that can talk to each of the servers in all of the domains, and can also talk to the primary WSUS server.Luckily, Microsoft maintains a list of all the patches in an Excel file that you can download here: id=36982 If you prefer some sort of GUI for searching, you can use Security Tech Center's My Security Bulletins Dashboard.If you realize your 0day only affects one or two builds, how much of a threat is it? If you're an exploit developer, you're checking patches for another reason: maximum reliability.

The rise of widespread worms and malicious code targeting known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, and the resultant downtime and expense they bring, is probably the biggest reason so many organizations are focusing on patch management.panel, shown in Figure 4-1, that shows all of the Web Logic product installations that were detected on the system on which you started Smart Update.In this example, Web Logic Platform 10.3 MP2 (that is, 10.3.2) is the currently selected target installation.Environment: I work in a lab that tests software against multiple domain configurations.I currently have 8 domains with no cross-domain trust.Patches that you apply to one target installation are not applied to any other installation listed in this panel.


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