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Spam liên quan tới việc liên hệ với mọi người với nội dung hoặc yêu cầu không mong muốn.

Điều này bao gồm gửi tin nhắn hàng loạt, đăng quá nhiều liên kết hoặc hình ảnh lên Dòng thời gian của mọi người và gửi lời mời kết bạn cho những người bạn không quen biết.

Sav at ** took it upon himself to delete my account because I put him on notice about the number of scammers I was meeting. I was going on this website to find me a soul mate. I have been away from Robert ** of Arnold since August. They need to have a person to verify the information and tell a married man that he should think twice about doing this because he only had 25% chance of a relationship to workout. I had spoken with a guy who was on the site and the same thing happened to him.

Trong báo cáo của bạn, vui lòng cung cấp cho chúng tôi nhiều thông tin chi tiết nhất có thể, bao gồm cả các liên kết và ảnh chụp màn hình nội dung bạn đang báo cáo.

Some 22%, 49%, and 24%, respectively, of online under-25-year-olds agreed they "could be interrupted by an electronic message" while doing any of those things.

Or even while, as the Retrevo Gadgetology Report recently asked, when you're "on the john"?

This site is full of scammers in my opinion, possibly run by scammers as a tight ship...a bit like the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean. I HAVE actually met and dated real men from the site. We dated for maybe two or three months and then he had some kind of meltdown because I didn't have sex with him on a date. I found out he was bisexual later, when a male friend (who is gay) ran across the guy I'd dated when he (my friend) responded to a craigslist ad.

Well he was married and still is and would not get a divorce. Well if someone does a search on him will find this. Because he had a person with a disability since she was 7 years old. Then several months later I opened another profile and again after 3 months it was suspended again for no reason.


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