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At one point, a 27-year-old named Jacob Nothnagel gives up on his overhead press and drapes himself over his knees, his limbs visibly shaking.

Meanwhile, a strapping 27-year-old named Blake Van Vleck stares dead-eyed at a chinup bar, his hands at his sides, his soaked tank top listing starboard. ” says Hailee Bland-Walsh, the gym’s owner—an indefatigable 35-year-old taskmaster with a blonde bob and flashy Nike ambassador credentials—pointing at Chase Tien, a sturdy 26-year-old wincing as he struggles against the seated chest press machine.

Sharon, MDMental health is vital to positive physical outcomes and, as for all patients, should be addressed for transgender patients in primary care.

Screening should include primary mental health problems, environmental and social stressors, and gender-related needs.

Because, until recently, every one of them had been a woman.

Just five years ago, none of them could hoist 200 pounds in an angled leg press, much less 660 pounds. They were constitutionally weaker, with less muscle mass and completely different physiques. “Adding testosterone to a woman’s body is really powerful from a fitness perspective,” Bland-Walsh says later, with a mischievous grin.

There’s Macy and Sharon, a middle-aged, married couple – Macy used to be a strapping, motorcycle-riding man.

"He was the man all my friends were like, 'Girl don’t you mess this up,'" says Sharon.

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Many avoid going out in public for fear of being ridiculed or worse.The woman told Way she was in the wrong restroom and to get out.“I basically shrugged her off and went and got my creamer,” Way said. ’” Jenner’s recent coming-out party was a good sign for transgender people, say local members of the transgender community and the experts who serve them.And very few of them will ever be able to afford the expensive surgeries that would make their transformations complete.Those are the people whom Way, 50, and her partner, friend and fellow activist Elle Boatman, 35, are trying to help with a new support and social group they’ve launched called Witcon, which stands for Wichita Transgender Community Network.“From a bodybuilding standpoint, it’s legal doping.” Today, testosterone’s deft hand—along with Bland-Walsh’s rigorous high-intensity routine—has whittled away the men’s formerly round figures, hardening the angles of their faces, lowering their voices, and giving many of them a bounty of manly hair.


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